Westfield Historical Society Mission

The Westfield Historical Society, "WHS", headquartered in the Reeve House on Mountain Avenue, serves as a "Custodian of Westfield's History." Since its founding in 1968, WHS has collected an array of artifacts, documents, and memorabilia in order to record our heritage for future generations. A focus is placed onthe people and places of this lovely Colonial town that was settled in 1720. Known as the "West Fields" of Elizabethtown, Westfield grew into the Township of Westfield in 1794 and later incorporated in 1903. 

As part of our mission, the Westfield Historical Society offers:

  • An Evening Speaker Series highlighting significant historical events in our nation's history
  • Monthly first Wednesday luncheons with educational programs that provide insights into local and national landmarks and their history
  • Volunteer opportunities at both the Reeve and Miller-Cory House Museums
  • Hall of Fame recognizing distinguished Westfield residents both past and present
  • AppleFest Celebration including antique and collectible sale
  • An oral history archive of notable Westfield residents recorded in their own words
  • Revolving exhibits of Westfield memorabilia
  • Periodic artist exhibits
  • Girl and Boy Scout educational programs
  • Public and Private School history educational programs
  • Archival Collection of Westfield, located at 302 Elm Street, 3rd floor of Board of Education building (call for hours: 908-654-1796)

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The Reeve History and Cultural Resource Center:

In 1985, the Reeve brothers donated their home to the town with the hope that it would someday be a permanent home for the Westfield Historical Society